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Custom Carbon Lubricated Steel Quenched Excavator Bushing Quenched OEM Bushing

Custom Carbon Lubricated Steel Quenched Excavator Bushing Quenched OEM Bushing

Carbon Lubricated Excavator Bushing

Quenched Excavator Bushing

Steel Quenched Excavator Bushing

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Excavator Bushing

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Customized Bushing
Excavator Bushing
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Product Description:

The Excavator Bushing is a pinnacle component in the world of construction machinery maintenance and repair. Designed to withstand the extreme conditions of excavation and earthmoving operations, this bushing is an essential piece for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of an excavator's moving parts. Crafted according to the DIN1494 standard, the Excavator Bushing is synonymous with reliability and durability.

As a key type of bushing designed specifically for excavators, this product is engineered to endure the substantial stress involved in digging, lifting, and moving heavy materials. The Excavator Bushing is manufactured using high-quality carbon steel, which undergoes a meticulous heat treatment process. This Heat Treatment Excavator Bushing process significantly enhances the metal's strength and resistance to wear, ensuring that the bushing can handle the high-friction demands of an excavator's joints and pivot points.

The High Hardness Steel Excavator Bushing is tailored to excel in demanding environmental conditions. It is crafted to resist the wear and tear that comes from contact with abrasive materials, such as soil, sand, and gravel. The high carbon content of the steel provides an excellent surface for the lubricating materials, which reduces friction and prevents the bushing from seizing or wearing prematurely.

Our Excavator Bushing stands out for its superior wear resistance features. The material composition, coupled with the heat treatment process, results in a Hardening Steel Excavator Bushing that maintains its integrity even under the toughest working conditions. This high level of wear resistance translates to fewer replacements, less downtime, and ultimately, more cost-effective operations for businesses relying on heavy machinery.

The lubricating nature of the Excavator Bushing is another key aspect that contributes to its standout performance. The carbon-enhanced steel ensures that lubricants are retained within the bushing, providing continuous lubrication during operation. This not only reduces the need for frequent maintenance checks but also significantly extends the lifespan of both the bushing and the excavator components it supports.

Investing in the Excavator Bushing means investing in a product that offers peace of mind. Its robust construction and adherence to the DIN1494 standard mean that each bushing meets stringent international quality requirements. The precision engineering involved in its manufacture ensures a perfect fit and smooth function, which is critical in preventing equipment failure and ensuring operator safety.

Furthermore, the Excavator Bushing is designed for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of excavator models. This versatility ensures that maintenance crews can quickly replace bushings as needed and keep machines operational with minimal delay. The bushing's design allows for straightforward lubrication, ensuring that regular maintenance is as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

In conclusion, the Excavator Bushing is an exemplary product that stands at the intersection of innovation, quality, and durability. Its wear resistance, enhanced by the heat treatment process, its high hardness steel composition, and its carbon-enhanced lubricating properties, make it a must-have for any excavation operation. Ensure the longevity and peak performance of your excavating equipment with the Excavator Bushing, and experience the difference that a high-caliber component can make in your operations.



  • Product Name: Excavator Bushing
  • Keyword: Excavator Bushing
  • OEM: Yes
  • ODM: Yes
  • Lubricating: Carbon
  • Type: Bushing
  • Feature: Hard Steel Bushings for Excavator
  • Feature: Wear Resistance Excavator Bushing
  • Feature: Customized Excavator Bushing

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Name Excavator Bushing
Load Capacity High
Processing Treatment Quenched (Heat Treatment Excavator Bushing)
Size Customized (Custom Excavator Bushing)
Standard DIN1494
Features Wear Resistance (Wear Resistance Excavator Bushing)
Maintenance Low
Keyword Excavator Bushing
Wear Resistance Excellent
Type Bushing


The SENNAI Excavator Bushing, with its model number specifically designed for excavators, is a component integral to the smooth operation of excavation equipment. These bushings are crafted following the DIN1494 standard, ensuring that they meet strict quality and size specifications. The product shape is a customized bushing, tailored to fit the unique requirements of each client's machinery, while the size is likewise customized to ensure a perfect fit for the intended application. The SENNAI Excavator Bushing is not a one-size-fits-all product but a specialized part designed to meet specific needs.

Constructed as a Hardening Steel Excavator Bushing, the SENNAI product excels in scenarios where robustness and durability are paramount. The quenching process it undergoes results in a Quenched Excavator Bushing that can withstand the extreme pressures and frictional forces encountered during excavation operations. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications where the equipment must operate reliably in harsh environments, such as mining, construction, and demolition sites. Whether digging through rocky terrain or lifting heavy loads, the SENNAI Excavator Bushing ensures consistent performance and longevity of the machinery's joint movements.

Moreover, the Hardening Steel Excavator Bushing from SENNAI is suited for various machines beyond standard excavators. It can be applied in backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and even in specialized equipment such as pile drivers and cranes that require precision bushings for their telescopic arms and booms. The reason for this versatility lies in the customized nature of the bushing, which can be tailored to fit a wide array of models and makes, ensuring that every piece of equipment can benefit from the enhanced durability and operational efficiency that the SENNAI Excavator Bushing provides.

Application occasions for the SENNAI Excavator Bushing include routine maintenance and repair scenarios, where worn or damaged bushings need to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the equipment. Additionally, during equipment overhauls or upgrades, when performance improvements are desired, the SENNAI Excavator Bushing serves as an excellent choice for operators seeking to enhance the operational capabilities of their machinery with components that promise reduced wear and extended service life.

In summary, the SENNAI Excavator Bushing is an essential product for a wide range of heavy machinery, offering customized solutions that adhere to precise standards. Its hardened steel composition, tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of excavation sites, makes it a reliable component for any equipment operator looking to ensure the longevity and efficiency of their machinery.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Excavator Bushing:

Each Excavator Bushing is individually wrapped in a protective layer of oil-resistant paper to prevent corrosion during transit. The bushings are then placed in heavy-duty plastic bags which are heat-sealed to ensure no moisture can enter. For additional protection, bushings are snugly fitted into custom cardboard boxes with foam inserts that prevent movement and potential damage. Boxes are then sealed with industrial-strength packing tape and labeled with product information and handling instructions.

Shipping Information for Excavator Bushing:

Our Excavator Bushings are shipped using reputable carriers to ensure your order arrives in a timely and safe manner. To track your shipment, a tracking number will be provided once your order has been dispatched. We offer various shipping options to meet your needs, including standard, expedited, and overnight shipping. For bulk orders, we use palletized shipping with shrink wrap to secure the products on a wooden pallet, ensuring stability during transportation. Customers will be responsible for unloading products upon delivery, unless a liftgate service is requested for an additional fee.



Q1: What materials are SENNAI Excavator Bushings made from?

A1: SENNAI Excavator Bushings are typically made from high-quality, hardened steel or copper alloy to ensure durability and longevity under tough working conditions.

Q2: Can SENNAI Excavator Bushings be used for all types of excavators?

A2: SENNAI Excavator Bushings are designed to fit a wide range of excavators. It's important to refer to the specific model number of the bushing to ensure compatibility with your excavator model.

Q3: How do I install SENNAI Excavator Bushings?

A3: Installation of SENNAI Excavator Bushings should be performed by a qualified technician. The process generally involves removing the old bushing, cleaning the housing, and carefully pressing the new bushing into place. Always refer to the manufacturer's installation guide for detailed instructions.

Q4: How can I ensure the longevity of my SENNAI Excavator Bushings?

A4: To maximize the lifespan of your SENNAI Excavator Bushings, regular maintenance is essential. This includes routine inspections, proper lubrication, and immediate replacement of any worn-out bushings to prevent further damage to the excavator.

Q5: Are there different sizes of SENNAI Excavator Bushings available?

A5: Yes, SENNAI offers a variety of sizes for their Excavator Bushings to accommodate different models and parts of the excavator. Please check the specifications for the model number of the bushing you need to ensure the correct fit.

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